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TYR proved to be a success! With one of the most smoothly ran tournament there were very wait time during tournaments. This was partly due to the fact that the community helped out and brought their setups. We had in total 10-11 setups!!

Tekken ran a little short because VATR wanted to give MAK (MK9 tournament) enough time to be as successful as possible, mainly because this was the first MK9 tournament hosted by MAK (Mid-Atlantic Kombat). For future tournaments, expect the time allocation to be more balanced!

T6 Results
Tekken had a pretty good turnout considering school's mid-term is around this time. With 25 entrants, players had plenty of time for casuals to play different players from different regions before the tournament. Afterwards was the first set of TRIO where four teams duel'ed it out.

1. Knock
2. Grimy Grizzly
3. Sayco
4. C. Hustler
5. Paul Z
5. Vegeta
7. Big Word
7. KPC
9. Ryry
9. Mattix
9. Battle Jitni
9. Scrubzilla
13. Supersalt
13. KrazySyko
13. Jaguar
13. Dangstro
17. Tryfe Sama
17. Danny Attack
17. Skillrerx
17. Blackula
17. Bishop
17. Bed of Lili
25. Trina
25. Will08
25. R3N

"Scrub Nation" defeats "3 Great Men!!!"
"Team SOVA" and "Team Richmore" is to be continued with 4-4 score

images and website link here -

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