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Sensei Zaibatsu
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This forum is ONLY to be used to announce movie releases on various sites. It is not to ask where you can find a certain movie (use the Movie Review forum for that), you will never get an answer to your question in this forum because NO ONE but forum staff members can reply to topics in this forum!

Rules of posting movie announcements!

1) Under no circumstances are you allowed to hot link media files from any site aka NO DIRECT linking to movie files.

2) Post links to the site or it's media section instead

3) If the site is in a foreign language, explain how to get to the media page or movie links. For example: go to this url, click the 3rd menu item from the top, click the second movie link on the right.
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4) Music and Fan vids for Tekken should now be directed to the Fan Art Central forum.

5) If you post up other people's original works under your own name, I will delete it and may seek disciplinary action.
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