TTT2 Vids/Pics & Articles (1st post) Ver. 1
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Pretty certain from such close range, bob's wr+3 should have hit ling...guess it's just one of those 'issues' again unless it was made extremely linear..

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Couple of new vids on Nico Nico Douga, showing a bunch of "great combos":

and a vid about some of Jin's new abilities (when teamed up with Devil Jin):

I like what they are doing with the character.
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Wow sick thanks for the links.
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Originally posted by J o n m a n
Interesting. Any of their videos up? niconico?
Fukusu vs... I can't read the other name, something gon?

Gatling vs 2nd Mainstreet Ryu.

If memory serves me right, Gatling was one of the most famous Jack player back in the day... I think. He played Bryan in a "recent" (less than 10 years) tekken 3 tournament that had Raijin Aoki
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Cool half life combo in the first video of the dark upper 1.18 - never thought the last hit would connect
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