who is the best character in tekken 5

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Originally posted by el_guapo
Steve, and Nina are top tiers followed by the DJ, Heihachi.
I think Bryan is just the best upper mid. Higher than Feng Wei, but still upper mid. Bryan has a strong whiff punisher which Feng doesn't have. Kazuya is upper mid too IMO.

Devil Jin was higher than Nina. I think Heihachi/Nina were debatable. Nina had frame traps but Heihachi had too much power and easy punishers.

Yeah shoutouts to me replying to an old ass thread but I was looking for the 5.0 tier list. Just wanted to see an official list cause I know for sure it was Steve in S followed by Devil Jin.
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I'm new to the game but i find that the best way to win is to use f+3 then keep on using 3+4, f+1+2 until there dead.

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