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Originally posted by Paul_Hamdali
Not All Of Them I Believe...Some Notation In Face Are Changed...All Juggle Some Still Work Though Some Arent. Like Dragunov For Example...All The King Multiple Throw Still Same Though :p Or Course There Are Some New Throws

I see.. thanks for the information
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I Started with Jin and Sergei Dragunov from the beginning.
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Hi, it's my first post and it's a stupid question: Are there any reversals in Tekken 5 DR? I used to play Tekken 3 many years ago and only recently moved to Tekken 5
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Does any one know (sorry that its a Tekken Revolution question)if there are going to be bounds?
PS:I'm very sorry if it was rude of me to ask this because of the rules
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no bounds in TR.
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