Tekken Force Season Final (London UK) - Results &

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Season 1 of Tekken Force is over!!

And what a way to end the series. At no less than the epic Eurogamer Expo, a massive gaming exhibition held at London?s Earls Court Exhibition Centre. An event which also crowned Cristina Wong as the UK representative for Tekken at World Cyber Games, and gave London a sneak preview of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Hybrid and Tekken Tag 2.

The top 16 players of the Tekken Force league played to top up their points and compete to win the most famous trophy in the Tekken world, the golden Heihachi Head!!!!

Perhaps the older players will appreciate this more, but this revered King of Iron Fist trophy, first seen in Hwoarang's Tekken 3 Ending back in 1998, has been sought after by Tekken fans for more than a decade, before Namco finally answered their request and brought it into the real tournament world!

Aside from that two massive Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX PREMIUM joysticks were up for grabs for the winner and 2nd place, with official framed artwork signed by Harada San himself.

The winner of this event is the Pakistani Badass himself Asim, who has remained undefeated throughout the course of the season. As well as him grabbing the Heihachi trophy, he and the runner up Dinosaur will each take home a massive Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX PREMIUM joystick. The top 5 (which includes Asim, Dinosaur, ShinJin, Obisamurai and Shadow Force) will also be getting custom Tekken artwork. We?ve also managed to throw in artwork for Liono and Bonus Jin, as they managed to both draw 6th place, one point away from 5th!

Full league results/points are here: http://www.gamerbase.com/?a=competi...competition=334
Full results of all tournaments in the season are here: http://www.gamerbase.com/?a=post&id=100420

Top 16 videos are here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...feature=viewall
You can also check the same matches and other previous tourney and casual matches on the stream archive:
Unfortunately there are some audio issues with some of the videos. Big apologies for that, seems to be a one-off (didn?t happen in any of the previous events).

Some interesting trivia is that up till now, TF have given away a total of ?4,000 in prizes and had over 110 different people enter our season.

We would like to thank all the staff, players (both old and new) and viewers involved in this epic rollercoaster of a season. If it weren?t for ALL of you, the season wouldn?t be anywhere near as successful as it was.

We would also like to thank all the sponsors involved; Namco Bandai, Hori, Gamerbase, Neoempire, EX Dragon Project, Eurogamer, Samsung and Multiplay for their various contributions and support.

Although the season is done, there will be more events, social interaction and other fun stuff in future. Stay tuned to the channels below for further updates.

Stream URL for events: http://www.twitch.tv/tekkenlondon/

Some pics of the event:

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