why was Kuni so unpopular?

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was it because she sucked, or was she just boring to play with? what was it exactly?
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people liked yoshi better, i think. maybe the catface threw people off.
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For me she was too boring to me plus she didn't really have a good moveset in that game.
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yoshi was better in every way except kuni's f3, basically a yoshi f3 with god range... that's it.
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I think it more has to do with the fact that she and yoshi are the only characters that have weapons (and she is an complete moral and sexual opposite of yoshi) and she has some nifty unblockables that orge used later on. Not to mention that asside from NIna (and to some point anna) tekken doesn't have an truly evil female character, not to mention that we seriously lack heihachi-grade evil female character (just try to imagine how cool it would be to have something like that, it would feel right at home with tekken).

Her TTT version (and her extra costume ) was for me fun to play even if she didn't have all the options and stances that yoshi had.

The reason i wanted to see her in tekkens after that is because namco have done a pretty good job in transforming those clone characters into pretty unique characters while still keeping their original ideas (to some point) so I can't but wander what cool stuff would kinimitsu have and do in new tekkens. (I mean, AK, Lee, Kuma, Ganruy they might look totally different, and much more awesome now, but the general idea of the character remained the same, and for those that played T2 and TTT AK i am certain that the translation was not that complicated).

Implementation to the story would be of course a peace of cake, i mean just plant her along side Raven's organization....

Since I already started ranting, it is a pity Dr.B isn't revisited, he was very odd a bizare to play with and against and aded a new depth in the system (not to mention a pretty big amount of secret moves ) i liked the crazy ideas namco had for tekken 3 (Gon?!).

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