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4th Dan
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does anyone try to pull off f1+2 at the wall? i cant remember exactly, i'll check in a minute, but doesnt it stun on block making it safe? also, when it hits you can combo an iPAB, uf2 and get a nasty wall combo!

i kinda wanna incorporate this into my wall game, it seems that it's only fault is that it's a high, unless im being a dick and is really unsafe :3 cheers guys
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5th Dan
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What's wrong with QCF1? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can cancel into FLK to make it like -3? on block. f1+2 is really slow anyways. =/
Just tested it myself: if the opponents back is to a wall there is practically no pushback and it is -21 on block, only reccomended for massachists, lol.

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Use QCF+1 or d/b+3,2.... f+1+2 is WAY too slow to seriously consider it's usage.

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