Intro & Ending Vids in HD?

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Hi, I hope that this is the right area to post, but I need help. I am looking for all the Tekken game openings and endings in HD so I can put them on my iPod. However, youtube only offers so much, and I figured this is the right place to ask. To start off, I don't have a capture card nor can I afford one, so that area is moot. The list of what I'd like is as follows:

Tekken 1 Openings (Arcade & Playstation)
Tekken 1 Endings
Tekken 2 Openings (Arcade & Playstation)
Tekken 2 Endings
Tekken 3 Openings (Arcade & Playstation)
Tekken 3 Endings
Tekken Tag Tournament Openings (Both of the Arcade & Playstation 2)
Tekken Tag Tournament Ending for Unknown
Tekken 4 Opening (Playstation 2)
Tekken 4 Prologues & Epilogues
Tekken 5 Opening (Playstation 2)
Tekken 5 Prologues & Epilogues
Tekken: DR Opening (Full PSP Version, not the chopped PS3 one)
Tekken: DR Prologues & Epilogues for Lili, Dragunov & Armor King
Tekken 6 Opening (Playstation 3 or XBOX 360, don't care which)
Tekken 6 Prologues & Epilogues, if not then just Epilogues
Tekken 6: BR Opening (Full Video)

Now I know that I am asking ALOT by requesting this, but I can't get them onto my iPod in the same quality as the games are in any other way. Please help!

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Tekken 1-3 fmv's has a low resolution, which would be equal to 360p if that on youtube measurings.

Tekken 4's vids are 480i, and then it would upscale to 480p using the playstation 2 hd cable, although the arcade version is native 480p.

Tekken tag is 480p, and tekken 5 is 480p but supports 16:9.

So only intros you will find in HD will be from DR and up, while the rest, will be of low quality no matter how you put it.

Also, sometimes depending on what type of ipod you have, you would need to convert them into ipod format, that way it would play at it's best. because just putting it in the ipod and playing it that way, will play it's original source.

But either way, it doesnt change the fact on the qualities from the videos you want in HD.
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