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Maxi Milian
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Originally posted by noodalls

I think that db,b,b will gain more distance than anything involving one b.

Sorry if this has been covered allready but isn't it a timing issue for the "b,b,d/b~n~b,d/b~n~b,d/b..." method, where with the right amount of delay between "b," and "d/b" should give you the fastest and safest backdash?

Watching Koreans play they move their hands quite slowly but their characters move very fast. Fast and safe movement is generally considered to be something about timing and not fast inputs here. But with a p-stick this concept might fall apart of course.

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alisa's bdc is really high evasive.. lili and her kbd are too much.. could launch opponents on whiff..
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Originally posted by noodalls

I think that db,b,b will gain more distance than anything involving one b.

Adding to Maxi's post:
when executing the kbd method, the hand motion = b,b,d/b~n~b,d/b~n~b,d/b, like Maxi posted.
But when looking at the command input, you'll see: b,n,b~db~b,n,b~db~b,n,b~db~b, etc.
After the db input, there's a "hidden" b-input, caused by releasing the stick after hitting db.
This means there are 2 back inputs, instead of one.

It's like wavedashing, where you have to do crouch dashes repeatedly, so hand motion = f,n,d~df,n,f,n,d~df, etc.
But command input = f,n,qcf,n,f,n,qcf, as there's a hidden f-input, which cancels the crouch dash, caused by releasing the stick after doing a crouch dash.

So in order to correctly test Korean backdashing, the notation b,n,b~db~b,n,b~db~b,n,b~db~b, etc. should be inputted.
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btw qcb repeatedly should give you a good backdash ... also i have seen some guys doing b,b, SS repeat
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hi guys...i was wondering when you to inputs like d/b,b ; d/b~b~b your character doesn't duck or crouch that much...but when i do it or specifically saying when I'm doing backdash cancel I'm character keeps on ducking or should it looked like its headbanging backwards...I'm i doing this the wrong way or I'm doing the way too slow?
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oh man its almost 2014 and i just read this now.. i hope these results we're tested by testing initial positions aswell.. (pauls standing jab or df2 vs initial position). if lets say it takes more frames to hit lars on the initial position then this list would only result to figuring out how small the hurtbox of a character is.

i seriously doubt lars has a backdash thats better than alisa t6br or zafina..

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