Madison SC4 Tourney #60 8/27/11

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Guys we had lots of good playtime bc of the lack of ppl this week, but many of the later matches were really good, especially MysticBill's 2 set comeback from losers to beat jimmypikachuchoi. here are the results:


1. MysticBill (Amy, Raph)

2. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Sophie)

3. Ora (Sophie)

4. Phil Bond (Siegfried, NM)

5. Orange (Mitsu)

5. Outlaw (YunSeong)

7. Tomi (Mitsu, Cass)

7. Pouncer (X)

9. Metallic (Sophie)


1. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Ivy, Charade)

2. MysticBill (Taki, Charade)

3. Ora (Sophie, Cass)

4. Outlaw (Ass)

5. Tomi (Kilik, Cassandra)

5. Phil Bond (NM, Ivy)

7. Pouncer (X)

7. Metallix (Raph)

9. Orange (Mitsu)

*Finals* jimmypikachuchoi's Charade beats MysticBill's Charade 4-2 in grand finals

Tekken 6:

1. jimmypikachuchoi (Xiaoyu)

2. MysticBill (Marduk, Leo, DJ)

3. Phil Bond (Kuma)

4. Tomi (Asuka)

5. Baka (Feng, Asuka)

6. Metallix (Christie, Asuka)


1. jimmypikachuchoi (Sonya)

2. MysticBill (Scorpion)

3. Phil Bond (CyberSubzero, Mileena)

4. Voodoo (Smoke, Scarlet)

5. Outlaw (Scarlet)

5. Metallix

7. Tomi

jimmypikachuchoi comes back from losers to beat MysticBill
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The rest of madison should not even bother with tekken. They cant even play sc4 and you know who I mean.

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