Lee Chaolan Punishment List

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i will get the jp version immediantly after it comes out. btw some call it TDR2 and i don't think there will be so many changes in the framelist.
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Originally posted by Drake the Demon
Really? Aren't PS3 games supposed to be region free??? If the US version for console comes out earlier, we can grab that one instead of waiting for the EU release...

PS3 version won't be out for a long long time (end of 2008?).. Since there are like no arcades in EU, we have to wait for that..
I think everyone in EU will be getting JP version if it comes out earlier.. All the hardcore players that is

121d2 (-15) = iuf4

b1,2 (-11) = ws33

d1 (-15 RC) = iuf4
d2 (-18) = uf4
d2,1 (-11) = f4
d+2n12 (-13) = f124 (basically ws12)

db2 (-15 RC) = iuf4
db3 (-15) = iuf4

fc,db2 (-15 RC) = iuf4
ws1,2 (-13) = f124

df1+2 (-13) = f4 (close/mid) df4 (far) (max range unpunishable)

qcf2 (-21) = dash/run 124

uf2 (-13) = f124
uf3 (-12) = ws33
uf4 (-12) = f124

fb1 (-18?) = uf4
fb1121[~b] (-10[-5]) = 2nd hit is high, so duck and iuf4

ffn2 (-11) = ws33

3,11 (-10) = f124 (close/mid) f4 (far)

FLK 1(1)2 (-?) = f333(33)4
FLK 1112 (-16) = uf4

SWY 1 (-10) = f124

ALB d2 (-15) = iuf4
ALB, U/D 1 (-10) = f124
ALB, D/U d1 (-11) = ws33

DCK 2 (-13) = f4 (close) df4 (far) extended version not punishable, parry when u see blue sparks?

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excuse me, i have a trouble punishing lili..
she got so many whiff punishment that launches on hit..

where can i find lee vs lili punishment list?
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You can always read through her framedata on sdtekken.com, so you know what you can punish. Not all of the info is 100% correct on sdtekken. I have found some errors before.
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Just noticed I was in the DR forums. Wow. Sry about the bump then.

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For example:
1,2,3 (-14) = ws+3,3

1,2,3 is the move done by Anna
(-14) is the frame disadvantage Anna has when Lee blocks the move mentioned above
ws+3,3 is the recommended combination Lee should use to punish the blocked move

Regarding bound enders: check the Tekken 6 Lee forum for more details. This is the Tekken: DR forum.

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