What TVs to use at tournaments.

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i use a really good tv that costed alot of money to play tekken
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I don't think it really matters. When it comes down to it. All that matters is gameplay.
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I know this is a really old thread, but I saw someone said response time of 5ms or lower with hdmi = lagless gaming.

Response time has nothing to do with input lag. It is post processing (which I understand was also stated). Most post processing is bypassed if VGA or PC inputs are used however. This is why we see computer monitors with no input lag, because they don't have post processing to make video signals look super neat.

I may be wrong, but any HDTV that is used through VGA inputs or whatever PC connection you can use, shouldn't have input lag.
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With any modern hdtv you can simply disable any image processing feature it has and get rid of the lag, right ?
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Was browsing for tournaments and saw this thread. Had to add my 2 cents.

Basically people suggesting that CRTs are lagless are just as wrong as people buying a HDTVs based on response time. I know most people don't have the proper equipment, but with as much drama that's being thrown around tournaments really need to start testing their equipment with a camera that can adjust it's shutter speed and people need to stop basing their opinions on human experience. You're not a robot and the brain is a very impressional device.

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Sharp 40 inch tv with vyper drive. 0 input lag. Game Over
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Originally posted by Gandido
I'm amazed at the fact that this thread has been going for some time and no one has mentioned the HDTV Lag Thread from SRK. Even the Washington Post people go into it for info on input lag.

I agree that the thread is a bit huge, but it's a goldmine.
I believe the first post there should be updated with a list but that's just me.


http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread...l=1#post8249608 <-- Some sort of new summary post.

Quick Plug:
40 dollars off, 60 with mail-in rebate. GOGOGO

Kick ass post over at SRK.

I guess I got lucky a long time ago when I bought an LCD Monitor (not tv) that can display HDMI no problems at all the required resolutions. The dollar I send to the cable company every month for their cable box is worth every penny considering the trade-off.
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ASUS is d best!
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I don't know if this has been brought up, or it's just an occurance with the crts we've used here. But on crts the darker colors tend to blur together slightly,making certain dark characters outfits on dark stages very impossible to see clearly, for example lee's tuxedo outfit or any custom dark outfit if they do a throw it's very hard to see which is the extended limb.
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Id be curious to see what kind of latency the LCD panels in the Tekken 6 (Namco Noir) cabinet or even the Taito Vewlix have. These are large LCD panels (32" I think) and yet they seem to not have a whole lot of latency, if any. Typically consumer LCD screens tend to have more latency as the panel size increases for some reason.

If anyone has the numbers on these screens or possibly has a way of testing one that would be very interesting.
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asus and vizio.

my 37 in. 720p doesn't lag at all!

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a splitter+amp combo? I work at a GameStop in Central Florida and we have the ability to use a local empty theatre showroom for tournaments. The length of the cable necessary will undoubtedly cause delay between the live TV down in front and the projector upstairs, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be greatly appreciative.
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This is the only monitor officially approved and used in every italian tournament, also frequently used in european tournaments from what i know:

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Low MS and low input lag monitor. But it really doesn't matter, is a good mousepad required for gaming? No. But it is a nice touch.
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I really lazy and don't feel like reading all of these post just to read similar things over and over again but anyway what is the best monitor to get for tekken because I don't want to waste money since im getting everything at once(ps3 ttt2 brand new arcade stick)
seems like my choices are Asus LED/LCD and Spectre X270W. anymore monitor choices?
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benq gw2750 27 inch monitor has less input lag than the asus evo monitors hehe..what i use. works awesome...like the guy said above the 5MS isn't the actual lag input response time also.

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