Quick guide to how I play Marduk.

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I dont know if it has been mentioned already guys but here goes anyway

after 1+3 airthrow you can:
-catch backrollers in the back with FC d/f+3 for a free GT attempt, stomp or another FC d/f+3 i pretty sure that ws+3 hits aswell...
-side rollers get caught with GT
-getup 4 gets hit by CH d/b+2 for free GT attempt or stomp
-it's always nice to hit getup 3 with u/f+4 for d/b+3,1,1 combo

after d/f+3,d+1 combo ender you have plenty of options
-by far my favourite is f+3+4~vts plenty of mixups here pretty much anything other than play dead or side roll gets hit by vts+4
-if they play dead or side roll GT is available again
-if they roll back vts+d/f+3 hits in the back again.

hope my little contribution helps...


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i think you mean FC d/f+4 in most of those notations.

but the flaw with your oki is that you have one option for almost every option, and each option is different.
they can counter like 3/5 of your options with just get up kick. which makes the mix up in their favor. i say keep it simple.

-try to interrupt their get up kick or sidewalk it
-ground throw them on the ground
-ws3 which catches everything they can do but get up kick

if you want REALLY mindless and good, just vts and hold B to block and visually confirm your oki options, or block the get up kick and punish.
- if you notice a
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