Harada tweets Jun pictures!

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Originally posted by ChiefDeebo
heres an update


Wow, she looks amazing!
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Assuming Jun is going to be a separate character from Asuka, it seems I have found my team already.
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we should just leave this people complaining about her look alone...they probably wanted a T2 graphics Jun Kazama looking like a wooden puppet...they'll probably be happier with that thing, oh and why not pretending back a T1 Law; a stickman with an invisible cucumber stuck in his mouth!!!
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we should be glad that jun is back. for all of those whiners dont you have any simple happiness in life. come on jun is back.
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Schmug schmug schschschschmugggg

Ok she looks older, good
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Dang, it's kinda surreal to actually see her in the game after all these years. Her new look isn't too bad, (though she doesn't look like someone in her 40's) but I like her outfit nonetheless.

Will be interesting to see what they do with her next.
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With Jun Back and alotof older bosses back that doesnt change the cannon of the story of tekken does it ?
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What's with the bullshit about her not looking her 40s?

I'm seeing more and more women who look like they're in their mid-to-late 20s while STILL in their 40s.

And that's without plastic surgery.

For heaven's sake guys, what should a Japanese early 40s woman look like, huh? Our perceptions of beauty, especially with middle-aged women, are changing.

Get with the times.

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Well she was supposedly dead. Harada can pretty much bring her back any way he wants.

I like the design. Hopefully they bring back her bowling outfit(dark blue and black from TTT).

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