Two new Street Fighter X Tekken Trailers!

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Originally posted by Xiaonanigans
Yeah, the kiss is a bit unlike Nina. The cut-throat sign would be much more appropriate.

Going to alternate dimension changes a (wo)man. Some start shooting lasers out their eye, some get slutty charasteristics from their sister. It's a hell of a thing.
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Kazuya is still a BAD-ASS!
(Also, the new all-black costume looks epic!)
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what if they just used the MvC3 graphics engine?

imo, ryu and akuma's design looks sleeker I kinda liked their design their more faithful to the sf2 look

and chun li and c.viper are both sexier in their mvc3 iteration imo

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What ever. I hate Capcom. Gimme some Tag Tournament 2!
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I love each fighting game franchise for what it is. Each system has many elements which make it unique, fun and interesting.

Although hands-on playing has yet to be had by the public, but what the videos show and as it's described, it really just feels like another street fighter game with some tweaking. The combat system, fames, guard, launchers, juggling, combos, oki, throws, back-dashing, side-stepping - most every mechanic - that makes up Tekken is not how Street Fighter works.

IMHO it's going to be Street Fighter 5ish, with 'new faces'. It isn't going to be Tekken-anything that well dedicated and experienced Tekken players are going to feel.

Whelp, here's to another interesting Street Fighter Game -- Cheers!

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