MLG Tekken 6 Stream Feedback & Suggestions

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Hey, Director/Producer of the MLG Tekken 6 Stream here. Wanted to thank all of the players at the event who deal with our quirky requests.

More importantly, thanks to the Tekken community for tuning in and sitting through the endless commercials. ;P

I'd love to gather some feedback on the D.C. stream. Also, any suggestions to making the MLG Tekken 6 Dallas Finals stream better than the shows before it.

Here's a start:

- Play story-lines up more (regions, drama, up and comers, etc.)
- More floor interviews
- Less delay between matches
- More hot chicks.
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Now that i've actually attended an event, i guess i can give my 2 cents. I do like the idea of having respected players from individual regions guest-commentate on the matches. (that anakin guy did a pretty good job IMO) That way, viewers have a better understanding of who they are watching on the stream via extra info.

some things i would suggest to consider

- Pre-game interviews to compliment post-game
- in order to remove delay in between matches, two stations could be linked to the stream and could be switched over immediately after one match was completed (like in the North American Championships)
- Special introductions for notable matches (top 8, region rivalry/hype matches)
- stats vs specific players/character/etc

this may also be too much, but might as well throw in a "highlight reel" for some of the higher ranked pro players that can be played whenever

everything at mlg seemed to resemble a real pro-sporting event so thats where i based my ideas off of.

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tinh yeu
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less bronson, more flying fruits.

4th Dan
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First off, just want to thank you for the amazing coverage. Wasn't able to attend this event, and James phone wasn't working at the venue so the steam was really the only source of updates I had on his matches.

I love the floor interviews. They were interesting, and I like how they were done directly after a match; when the "emotions" are really still running wild from the match. I do also like when players every once in a while would come to the booth for an interview, or even to help cast. James, BigBoi, Bronson and a few others all did that and I found it hilarious.

Only real solid suggestion I have is more updates for matches NOT shown on the stream. Like I believe Halo does an update of the entire bracket on screen..something like that. There were a lot of great matches that really couldn't be talked about very much because they weren't on the main stream.

Now, I believe Raleigh was better at this because I know DC had a few bracket problems that kept some matches from being talked about..but I just thought I would note it. Either way, solid job from everyone and I can't wait for the Dallas coverage .

P.S. An advertisement featuring the chicken dance would be amazing.
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Please add a text chat next to the stream.
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Needs more MarkMan.
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Interview some player for the pregame show and after matches and also get some interviews with some of the SSBB players and maybe do a floor report type of thing where someone goes on the floor and shows whats going on with the matches happening of Stream that would be cool.
And also the stream needs more Bronson
Almost forgot get the full rebroadcast up it's annoying going back in a week to watch the rebroadcast and not finding the matches you wanted to see.

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Originally posted by nexy
- More hot chicks.

less exploitation of bitches please.
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stream chat for that fighting game hype, and we'd really like news on if anyone is ever going to post the match vids?
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I think the 2 commentators, RIP and the other guy (sorry his name slipped my mind) did a very good job of breaking down a match after a KO. The tips they give helps my game. More stage lights and lasers and whatnot could be a good addition, like in Tekken Crash. I personally think that less hype/trash talking and more technical combo related talk would be better. Make it into a learning experience that people will want to watch more than once.

Here is where to look for the rebroadcast, in case anyone is looking for it.
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I hope the first step they take would be to put ALL, or most, of the matches up. They do it for Halo so...
The other stuff would be fine just not as "important".

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Yea... I kinda like stances
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Rip and Seb have both vastly improved on in-game commentary since the first event. Seb seems to have a really good grasp on the game now and stays within his limits, letting Rip do most of the technical talk. It's good stuff.

Instead of having only interviews in the field, you should also have live look-ins at other matches happening on the floor. Have a reporter update the viewers on other matches while nobody's playing on the live stream while the cameraman zooms in on the match. Might wanna keep the reporter out of earshot though.

At the MLG events I attended there was what looked like an Excel file showing all the upcoming matches displayed on a large HDTV by Rich. Let the commentators be able to view this on their monitor so they can fill people in on notable results and upcoming matches.

Highlight reels. Definitely highlight reels. This could make the pre-game hype more exciting and gives the commentators even more to talk about ("that's the same combo we saw from his highlight package!") This is probably a lot of work but may be worth it.

Slow motion replays of critical points in the math - this would be awesome. Break down amazing plays frame-by-frame.

I'll have to miss the additions for the next broadcast but thankfully, it's because I'll be there
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yeah i wondered why they stopped with the floor interviews..
Originally Posted by EDDY PISTONS:
I could say we dont play in tx, or you know practice, it would make for a easy excuse but we are texans, we don't know what that means
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On the floor interviews as someone mentioned previously, this helps gather the nostalgia of the event.

You get to receive some pre-game smack talk (depending on the persons that are interviewed).

Pre-Tournament hype:
WoW has anyone watched the halo bracket show or the championship sunday highlights??
IceColdEdge pretty much knows the top players on the scene, use that info when posting blogs before MLG even heads to the next city/state, basically a player or city bio.
Interview the top names in that city/state that plan to attend (based upon there pre-reg) and if someone shows up who was not expected that because a bonus (Example:Anakin washington dc)

I am a bit biased because I am an ATLien and I feel we can make anything/everything hype, so more ATL on the stream is always a plus lol!!!

You can can more activity from the stream monsters if surveys are done (this was done before I think in n.carolina), tekken trivia would be a plus also to keep the streamers active, have rip/seb ask questions related to tekken, from frame advantages, or championship victories etc use it as a way to have fun yet educate the community (we do this with our streams here in ATL)

Hype man Hype, click that link up above, all that extra time we have during the tekken portion, there is always a ton of build up, philthy is pretty solid on the mic, once he is healthy again, tekken may want to take a page out of the halo groups book.

I have other ideas but I gotta go to work lol
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Originally posted by Tick
Slow motion replays of critical points in the math - this would be awesome. Break down amazing plays frame-by-frame.

I think this would be amazing. I also have no idea how it works, but it would definitely help filling time at the end of matches while we get to the next match/get the next players setup on stage.

I also liked the suggestion of TWO stream stations on stage, so we could immediately flip from one match to the next. DEVASTATION/Evo did this as well. Both setups used two folding tables back to back and had the players for the next match setup on the other side while the first match was going. Of course their camera setup was just mini camcorders on the table, so I dont know how do-able this could be at an MLG with their huge cameras

I like the little video package we show with flashbacks of the past events. Would be cool to see more than one though.

I thought we did floor interviews still, but I guess we did them less than before and the majority of them were on stage.

It would be cool if we could synchronize with the guys running the tournament and have a 15 minute break at the Top 8 or Top 16 to run through the bracket, show it on screen, go over quick predictions and see how they play out. Top 16 helps build drama since getting in to that top 8 is critical and Top 8 itself is interesting because you start seeing who has to play who to win the tournament.

Showing the brackets period, would definitely be a plus for everyone though. If we cant always show it, then as I suggested, Top 16 or Top 8 brackets before matches would be perfect. (Actually, now that I think about it. Evo does this every year during the Top 8, and they update the brackets as they move along)
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On screen brackets would be very helpful, as most of the stream audience is left in the dark about how far the tournament has progressed. Seb and Rip usually give us updates from the matches not shown on stream, but they don't seem to have an updated bracket in front of them quite often. The brackets on the website help a little, but they aren't updated that quickly (seems like it's updated once every hour or so), and the DC bracket was completely empty the entire weekend. It's always nice to guess how a bracket can play itself out, and knowing who is eliminated from the tournament.
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Originally posted by Rip
I think this would be amazing. I also have no idea how it works,
Maybe you can use a video capture card for PC like the people who make combo videos use? Believe it or not, but alot of major TV stations still use VHS tapes to this is easy to rewind and play it in slow motion. Unless you can do it another way.

I also liked the suggestion of TWO stream stations on stage,
When I was watching SBO, or another tournament stream from Japan I forget which one, it seemed like they had a switchboard to switch from one match to another. It is the same peripheral as what they use on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to switch from camera to camera, know what I mean? A guy in a booth above the stage pressing buttons and each button corresponds with a different camera. Just a suggestion, but I think that is what they were using at that stream in Japan.

There were lots of floor interviews, what were you guys watching? I saw plenty.

I do not really care about displaying brackets too much. You did a good job of saying what was going on at all times and the names of the players were displayed on the screen.
The rebroadcast is now live!
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Originally posted by forest16
I personally think that less hype/trash talking and more technical combo related talk would be better.

A good combo is a dime a dozen... BUT GOOD TRASH TALK IS PRICELESS!
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Please no more 'oh my goodness' commentary.
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suggestions for something that has one more event is kinda pointless but hopefully MLG wont drop Tekken as expected.
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