sithlord's Combo QnA: Tony-T

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Tony-T, One Of The Godfathers Of Combo Videos Answers Some Questions And Gives Us His Insight. Topics Include His Past Works, Why He Likes Lei Combos And His Future.

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An Interview with Tony-T via submitted questions by sithlord.

sithlord: You've been doing Tekken combo vids for some time now. How did you get your start? Did anyone inspire you then and who continues to inspire you today?

Tony-T: Yes, my very first vid was a TTT Lei vid that was released in the year 2000! It was a very crudely made video to say the least, but I really enjoyed making it.
My early inspiration would have come from the Japanese, American and Korean videos at the time. I've always admired their talents. Very skilfull players even to this day!

sithlord: Bryan, Lei and Feng are your characters of choice for combo vids. Have you given any thought to adding another character?

Tony-T: Many Times! I've always wanted to do a Dragonuv combo vid. When DR first came out I played around with him for a while and even took him up as a main character for a short period of time. I thought some of his harder combos were really challenging! Yoshi is another character I have always loved. His combos in my opinion are the flashiest in the game. I have much respect for Yoshi players, those guys are awesome! Much respect to them!

sithlord: Will you be re-uploading your older videos onto youtube??

Tony-T: Unfortunately I've lost quite a lot of my older vids due to my hard drive crashing several years ago, however I did manage to salvage a few. I have given some thought to it and there is a possibility in the future that I will.

sithlord: In Tekken 6BR, you released a maximum damage concept video for many of Lei Wulong's combo starters. Is this something you may continue to do with the next Tekken? If so, will you do other characters as well?

Tony-T: Yes, this is something to consider. Luckily for me, I know Lei combos like the back of my hand, but with other characters it's a different ball game. I haven't played Tekken seriously since the end of T5. learning other characters combos can be quite time consuming. Though I will not rule it out

sithlord: You used Ling in TTT but to my knowledge, you've never released a video for her. Why is this?

Tony-T: Actually yes I did! I released a small Ling and Lei combo vid back in the TTT days! I also made an exlusive Ling video in T4 with an arena death combo at the end. Sadly both vids have been lost since my hard drive crashed.

sithlord: What are your thoughts on Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Do you plan on releasing videos for this game?

Tony-T: I'm very excited about this game! Finally our wishes have been granted after so many years! I would love to do a combo video for this game, though it won't be for some time until they release the console version. I'm a console player first and foremost.

sithlord: How do you feel about Street Fighter X Tekken by Capcom and Tekken X Street Fighter by Namco?

Tony-T: I think it's genious! I feel that both series will benifit and whats more, the fans and players have something new to look foward too. Only good can come from it.

sithlord: What is your opinion of current combo videos as opposed to past combo videos?

Tony-T: Nowadays there is alot more talent around. back in the day, the KYSG group pretty much dominated the scene. These days though, there are players from all over the world releasing astonishing vids! I dont wish to name names in fear of leaving someone out, but the level and difficulty of some of these combos at which these guys are performing in vids is amazing! Keep it up guys!

sithlord: Any advice or tips for the rising combo creators?

Tony-T: Yes! Practice hard with your character first. Be creative, try to use different launchers and different juggle enders. Try not to do too many combos on big characters, always double check to make sure your combo is guaranteed and try to perform your combo whilst techroll is on during recording. Also be sure to check current combo vids of your character on youtube so as to not perform the same combo as someone else. Always try and be original and give your audience something fresh to look at. Finally, if your going to put a soundtrack to it, make sure you use something that goes well with your charater...try and make a theme out of it.

sithlord: What aspects of combo videos do you enjoy most? What aspects of your own videos are most important to you?

Tony-T: For me, it's always been the creative side. I just love finding something new that other people haven't seen. If you can find a combo that is original, damaging and've hit the nail on the head. These are the combos I enjoy the most from others and myself. It's what combo making is all about

sithlord: Have you given any thought to doing a collaboration?

Tony-T: Yes! I had the oportunity to participate in the TZ combo vids a couple of times. Unfortunately at those stages in my life other things were more important and I had to decline. I'm still very open to the idea as long as circumstances allow me

sithlord: What do you think has been the highlight of your combo creating experiances so far?

Tony-T: I would have to say my most recent Lei combo vids. I received much love from them from people all over the world. I was very happy with them

sithlord: Thank you for your time and insight Tony! Anything you'd like to mention in closing?

Tony-T: I would just like to say thanks to all my viewers who have watched my vids over the years, i hope you have enjoyed watching my videos as much as i enjoyed making them. you guys are awesome, much respect, thanks again.

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Nice interview!
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Tony T's a genious with combo vid, can't wait for TTT2 combo vid from him
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Wow nice interview!
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Nice question & answer !
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beautiful interview, sith!

tony is one of the majors and one of my all-time favorite combo artists. his T5 lei videos inspired me to get into combo video making. cheers, tony!
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Tony is the man. I know I've often used his Tekken 6BR Feng vid as a threat to people who think Feng is weak

TTT2 can't come soon enough.
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...and thank you Tony-T for all your hard work and dedication to combo exhibitions over the years.
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i should say my gratitude too

thanks Tony, for keeping us inspired
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Definitely a great interview inside the mind of one of the most theatrical and technical combo vid creators on these boards. I swear every video i've watched from Tony-T has made wanna go grab a controller and a bowl of popcorn.

Props to Spinal and Tony!!
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Great interview! I'd love to see some retro combo vids from Tony-T too!
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great stuff, thanx again sith, and thank you Tony for amazing and inspiring combo videos!
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We love you Tony
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wow! id recognise this tony-t name from anywhere... his tekken 5 bryan vid opened my eyes to tekken. i never thought you could do combos like that..and since then ive become a tekken crazed fan.... cheers mate. PS: am i missing something here?? wats happened to tony-t??
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Originally posted by Dark_Cascade
am i missing something here?? wats happened to tony-t??

Tony is still around. Fret not.

I have my next interveiw ready and the next 2 after that planned (provided they accept) so it's going to be interesting.
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