Ling top 10 moves discussion thread.

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b+4 by itself is negative on hit... b+4,4 is plus 4...
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if you know what your opponent is gonna do next you can SS or go into AOP. That's the only reason why i would use b+4 alone.
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I like db1 alot too.

Like b4 cuz its her best poke as far as speed and dmg. I can throw it out without losing momentum if it gets blocked v. Good players becuz of respect for 2nd hit.
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1. f+1+2
2. df+1
3. ss+4
4. ff+3
5. xmts
6. aop uf+3
7. rds 1+2
8. ws+2
9. 4
10. rds f+3+4, 3+4
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Re-checking my list I realise that I've forgotten ss4...

HOW COULD I!! It's one of her best freaking moves XD I swear if they nerf it, this is gonna get ugly
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#87 “Quote” Edit Post
i will too

1. u+1/b+1
2. f+1+2
3. ss+3
4. uf+3+4
5. b+2,2
6. u+1+2
7. b+4
8. ub+3+4
9. ws~2
10. db+1

i use the stances most only for evading
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#88 “Quote” Edit Post
1. b+3+4
2 d+1+2
3. BT b+3+4
4. f,f+3
5. f,f+1
6. BT f+3+4
7. d/f+2
8. 1,d+2
9. u+3+4
10. d/f+2~1
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my top 10 are:
1. df1 - nice killer move hehe..
2. rds b3+4 - good for whiff attacks
3. ff3 - good for range attack
4. f1+2 - very fast attack
5. aop - can whiff some attacks
6. d4 - low poke
7. ss4 - just mix with ss1+2 for mid
8. 4~3 - can go with iWS or AoP by adding d1+2
9. 1,d2 - can go with 1+2 or db~n~ws2
10. f1+4 grab
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