OLD SCHOOL: Wang DR Juggles

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Originally posted by Donnel
actually thats the fun part of using wang, just like what forrest gump said "it's like a box of chocolate you'll never know what you'll gonna get" but in case of wang most of the time when you dont play really safe you'd have your a** kicked really hard

Its pure irony. With all the available options that are toxic to the opponent, comes the punishment which are twice as bad in matters of damage.

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Old School Combos with Wang:

B 4 ch, d/f 3+4, 1, b 2,1 d 2, 1+2 = 54 dmg?

d/f 3+4 w! u/f 3+4 = 78 dmg?

d/f d/f 2+4 w! f+2, d 3+4 = 73 dmg?

d/b 1+2 ch, d/f 3+4, jab, b 2,1, d 2, 1+2 = 60 dmg?

d/f 3+4 w! crouch 4,3 = 63 dmg?

Check anyone this one, this is not a combo maybe the first 3 hits:

d/f 3+4 w! d/b 4,2, d 3+4 = 74 dmg?

I'll make a combo vid with other friends this saturday and I'm thinking put some of these combos with others of my main character Eddy, peace to all.

P.D. If it's possible some one can test the combos and verify the dmg. Thanks.

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Originally posted by Brutal<Launch+>
Hmmm... Very interesting set up. Good food for thought to enhanced gameplay I'd second this as an option. The only problem here is that its a variation of a mixup game which again involves calculated risks.


Yargh, I thought we all knew about this already! I've been using this for ages now. Should have posted I suppose, guess I just thought it was in the thread somewhere...
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I think Launcher, b+2,1, b+2,1, 1+2 is good serving as AN OKI.... But i prefer all the stable juggles like:
1)Uf+4, 4, slight dash d+2, d+3,4
2)Uf+4, 4, slight dash b+2, 1, b+2,1, DF
3) Launcher, b+2,1, b+2,1, d+2,1+2
4) Launcher jab2/1, b+2,1, b+2,1, DF

I just found out something but i don't know if you all know about it...
d/f+3+4 tracks tech rolls, backrolls and People that stand up right after a KND..
So i think df+3+4 is best use as a oki, and good against opp that try to escape stuns...

Try it yourself.. i need more reference~

Btw i try out the FC f+2... It is so great.. People didn't have any ideas what's that.. try out more stuff with it in set-ups & mix-ups~
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i just started wang today, tried to do some wall rape . it turnout quite well, but what is the best move to prevent them to escape by side roll?
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Just a few nice simple juggles:

f,f+4, F+1+2 >>> 40 damage
WM, dash, d/b+4,2, b+2,1, b+2,1, 1+2 >>> 74 damage
WM, dash, d/b+4,2, 2, b+2,1, b+2,1, f+1+2 >>> 75 damage
WM, dash, d/b+4,2, b+2,1, b+2,1, qcf+2 >>> 76 damage
WM, dash, d/b+4,2, b+2,1, b+2,1, d+2,1+2 >>> 79 damage

Probably old news, but couldn't see them, so I posted them up.
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F,F 2 CH. 4,4,4 d 2, 1+2 = 5 hit 63 dmg
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Here's 2 i just made up does quite a lot of DMG.

d+3+4, 4,4,1, b+2,1, b+2,1, d+2,1+2 = 10 HITS = 113 DMG
d+3+4, 4,4,1, b+2,1, b+2,1, f+1+2 = 9 HITS = 106 DMG
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This u/f+4, 4, b+2,1, b+2,1, f1+2 deals 22 on launch, 41 aerial damage, and it throws opponents insanely far away - like, a bit more than half the walled stage arena.

As for d/b+4,2, I tried b+2,1, b+2,1, d+2,1+2 for 69 damage. 68 or 69, I forgot.

As for d+1+2, as well as Wang's pretty-fast-but-incredibly-painful-to-the-point-of-imbalance ultimate f+1+4, my juggle goes U/F+4 (not u/f+4. Both will work, but that's still 2 damage), b+2,1, b+2,1, qcf+2 for 48 aerial damage. This throws opponents also far away, so when you manage to connect d+1+2 when at the brink of being wall food this gives you a LOT of room.

Off-topic: For a guy with no obvious juggling material 48 damage is kinda awesome.
Try it yourself.. i need more reference~

Woah, thanks for the info. I'll try it out ASAP.
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how about this guys? 4,4,1 1+2.. 71 dmg..
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