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We decided to make this thread in an attempt to eliminate some of the questions that pop up every now and then, and to keep this forum more clean and userfriendly.

Hopefully this thread can be a help for everyone, in particular people who signed up recently and are not yet completely familiar with the TZ forums and how things work around here.

General Guidelines:

1) Be sure to check the sticky-threads before making a new thread. There's a good chance someone else already asked your question. Or came up with the thread you wanted to make.
As long as a thread is open - it's still alive/free to post in. It's better to post in an old thread rather than making a new one, just because noone posted in the old one for 1 month. Use the search function. It works quite well, actually and saves us all time.

2) Don't spam! It's a given, really. There is no reason to post if you're just going to post a smiley. Or repeat what 2 others already posted. Or if you're just going to say how much the thread and/or the thread starter sucks. Posts like that will only get deleted, so save yourself, and everybode else, the time. This is a Tekken forum - so keep your posts Tekken-related.
Posting pictures or links to porn, illegal stuff etc is STRICTLY forbidden. You will be banned instantly, without warning.

3) Don't flame. Flaming doesn't lead to anything. If you don't like a certain topic/user, then just stay away from him/her/it. Simple as that. Flaming will only get yourself banned. Instead, if someone's on your back, be the bigger person and ignore it. Or PM a moderator of the forum(s) in which it happens.

4) Respect each other! When posting on this forum, please do so in a sensible and respectable way. We all have or own interests/reasons for being here. Some for gameplay, others for storydiscussion, etc. Respect each other, nontheless.

Common Questions:

How to make a signature?
Go to Forum > Control Panel > Edit Profile > there is a signature box, put whatever you want e.g. quote, your own things, link of your web etc...

How to get an avatar?
*Note: you need to post at least 10 posts to obtain an avatar
Go to Forum > Control Panel > Change Avatar > here you can choose various avatar default which are already in Tekken Zaibatsu.

How can I get my custom avatar?
You need to donate Tekken Zaibatsu through here to become a supporter so that you can choose or make your own avatar. An alternative way is click on the banner "Premium Zaibatsu" on the first page. There are some artists who can help you on making avatars. Check out Digital Pixel Junction Forum for more info on custom avatars.

What are the ranks for posters in Tekken Zaibatsu
Start: Chicken
10 posts: Chicken + TZ default avatar
25 posts: Tekken Newbie
50 posts: Tekken Guru
100 posts: Tekken Maniac
200 posts: Tekken Master
500 posts: Royal Tekkenite
1000 posts: King Of Iron Fist
2000+ posts: Custom Title
Supporter: Custom Title + Custom Avatar

How can I change the Zaibatsu theme?
Go to Home, then go to Theme Selector section to choose one of TZ theme.

How can I put characters icon in my sig or posts?
Type this [], inside the bracket, insert the characters name e.g. [j*i*n] or [J*i*n]
*Note: no space

How can I get a custom title without supporter status
Only you need to post 2000+ posts, you also have to be at least 181 days old in the TZ forum... i know because i got 2000 posts at 160 days and i didn't get it until i was 181 days old...

How do I check my or other people's Post Counts?
In any post made by you or any other member, click the 'Profile' link found in the lower-left corner of the post. A bunch of information is found in here, including the Post Count of the selected member.

What do the medals below supporters' or moderators' avatars stand for?
They symbolize the Post Count of supporters and moderators. More and bigger medals mean more posts.

What is the 'Activity Level' in a forum member's profile good for?
They just represent how active you are in the forums, but having a high level will not net you any additional benefits as forum members. Also, having a high 'Acticity Level' will not necessarily earn you respect; you have to earn it yourself.

How does a member become a moderator?
Every once in a while. our administrators announce a 'Moderator Application' thread. After which, people line up and apply to be a moderator. To be chosen, you need to have a proven track record of helpfulness and consistent contributions to the forums. Right now, there is no application wanted, so just wait for the next application season.

Where can I find a Legend for all the move commands used here?
Look at the top of this page. There are tabs like News, Polls, Forums etc. there. There you can find a Legend tab for all commands and abbreviations.

Useful Links:

Ask a question - get an answer. This is the place to ask your question, if you can't find the answer anywhere on this site. Ask it here and other forum members will help you find the answer.

Tekken Zaibatsu Jargon Dictionary. Chances are, sooner or later you will come across a word or a term you don't fully understand. This awesome thread is the place to go look it up. And they're even listed in alphabetic order!

Tekken Links. Looking for other Tekken websites? This thread has quite a compilation of official, unofficial, international and fan sites.

Moderators of this forum are 'av kazama', 'Jaytech', 'toml' and 'Kazama Master'.
We will try our best to keep this forum clean and in order. Should you come across anything you feel needs moderation or perhaps a close, feel free to PM any of us. We will check this forum as often as we can, but with the high activity still on in here, we may fail to close something once in a while. We too, are people who have a life outside of TZ!

In advance, thanks for your help

We will keep updating this thread and more sections will be added. Should you have any suggestions or contributions, feel free to PM us.


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