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Originally posted by Hasaldo
@SSfox I'm playing Ghost of tsushima as well and love it. It's a really good game and I love the atmosphere of the game. One thing I particularly like is the fact that for an open-world game it has good combat mechanics. Open-world games, to my experience, tend to have bland combat. I have always dreamt of an open-world game with dmc, god of war or sekiro like combat and this game comes closest to that.

About tekken, there was an offline tournament in Korea recently. I think it was called ATL season 1. You could check that one out.
yup Knee won with a Fakhumram vs Fakhumram final round as expected.

What a joke of a character. T5 movement + best range + fucked up hurboxes + godly 50/50 = lol get lost Harada. Get lost already with your pay to win characters.

BTW this retarded character got banned in Pakistan. Looks like they have a brain as opposed to bamco balancing team.
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