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Another day, tons of instant "connection to the opponent lost"; lots of lag against most folks regardless connection etc. But hey, since a month of two of the last patch they have introduced a new issue. I have lost count today of the many times the character has begun doing things I'm not inputing.

I have checked offline and I have a new ps4 controller god-like wired with an Anker micro-usb wire, so It is not the hardware. Happens online only, of course, and in this game only too.

Congratulations Harada and company. Every patch you release, you introduce new issues. Not to mention the day one issues I comment in the first paragraph such as the instant disconnection vs the opponent, for then waiting like for 5 mintues until this lame lame lamee matchmaking of yours finds another.

Ah, and talking about matchmaking, don't forget about the countless times it gets stuck and you gotta reboot the game so it works again (for those of you who didn't know, when you see it doesn't find an opponent; go back to lobby friendly matches, and if you see the message "looking for lobbies or whatever" getting stuck too, instead of saying "there's no lobbies" or finding some, then that means the matchmaking got fucked). And you know what folks?, this is tekken 6 issue, from those days. That is the level of Harada-Boy and his team of maximum incompetents at designing a good online part of the game.

Sick of t7. Those of you who buy dlc for this game to use online and not offline for parties (then it is ok), do have a problem, seriously, not to mention lack of dignity and respect for yourselves.

Fuck you Harada. What you have done with t7 online and not fixing all those day one issues after three years truly is unforgivable. You milk arcades so you can do best home version (lol remember ps4), right?, F A K U

and oh well season 3 has been the success of your life. Word.

Rollback netcode = 3 uh?, rofl
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