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For me it's mainly his neutral inputs and lack of good tracking moves that make him harder than he should be. Also, potentially worst Rage Drive in the game (together with lars)

b,b+4 should be b+4 (add 1 or 2 frames to make up for it) or maybe even better: b,b+4 becomes f,f+4 and f,f+4 becomes b+4
b+4 can go to u/b+4
This is not about making him easier, it's more about how inputs generally work in tekken, except for lee. CH launcher tend to be with b inputs, while offensive tools tend to be with f inputs.

f,n shouldn't be his mist step in neutral. It's fine as a transition out of his moves, but not in his basic movement. Makes him feel finicky when you press forward in a random situation. should be a direction together with a button... anything but f,n.

Rage Drive
ws+2,3 becoming a launcher might be rage drive worthy, but it's still unsafe. Otherwise it's supposed to be a second screw for a character that doesn't even need a screw for carry in the first place. You can't even use it as a setup on block, unlike 99% of the other rage drives.