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Hi! maybe no one is telling to you because it was holidays
(for example in Russia we celebrate it about 2 weeks and plus another holiday in January 19)
Anyway it's not a thread where everybody ask questions and someone answer them in a row.
It's a discussion (!) about cheat codes for Tk6(PSP).
Looks like you have troubles with applying imported animations.
When you build a move you can apply it in the same way as if it was a native move.
Please read and try to follow this guide (especially about "conditions" and "Modifying moves")

Hi, thank you.
Unfortunately no. But there is a code which increase the volume of HP bar

Hi. I will continue rip out Leroy's animations soon.
Finding stable areas for copying data is our big problem (for me too).
Some areas look ok but after a while it turns that the area is in use.
All what we can do is experimenting
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