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Twitter has become much noisy, if you have any changes you desire alongside bugs you find with Lee that need to be addressed, Please post them here and I'll add them to this first post here, I'll also add suggestions from other players who don't have a TZ account:

Murray is willing

Edit - Will also reference other threads/suggestions from members.

1. Overview and general thoughts.

Lee Chaolan reprises his role from previous games as a quick stylish poke and CH based character. Once hailed as one of the top wall carry characters (T6BR ~ TTT2) with a good amount of standard oki setups in the neutral and at the wall thanks to be B! combo system, things have slightly shaken up for him.

Season 1
Probably the weakest iteration of Lee compared to the other seasons, not that he was unplayable, but one had to really be sharp and maximise his tools and fundamentals to be successful. The addition of his i10 acid rain and adjusted i13 f+1+2 punish gave a slight ray of hope, but weighing in combo damage and a total change in the oki system crippled Lee's prior strengths.

Season 2
A breath of fresh air with lots of character balance changes. How did Lee fare? Improved combo potential from CH d+3 (thanks to be b+3,3 buff) and of course the popular acid rain (from ss anyway, personally I wasn't fussed or chased after it). Other changes came into play (included a well received f+3,3,3,3,3,4 range buff) and players felt more at home with the character. Still at the time he wasn't without faults (not having scary lows, lack of frame advantage with a majority of his moves and hardly a variety of ways to break turtle playstyles, to name a few).

Season 3
Season 3 saw a slight shift in powers, Lee was given to and also taken away from (nothing comes free). The removal of ss acid rain combo, d+3 tracking nerf threw a slight uproar amongst most of the Lee community (personally I didn't care). The addition of mist step after 4,u+3 initially sparked some hope (before the patch was added) but didn't quite deliver the expected anticipated results (it's a nice change, but could have been better which I'll explain below). ff+4 improved crush frames could be seen as buffing a high enough strength whilst failing to address other fundamental issues (his lows!!!!).

With the introduction of Leroy and the rise in damage potential, Lee is in a position where he is more viable but will still have to put in thought and fundamental effort to succeed, overall, 2 steps forward and 1 (and a half maybe) steps back. If you want to see high level Lee player through the ages, check out Fightinggm, ImYourFather and Lee3 (top Korean Lee players).

2. Suggested Frame Changes

3. Suggested Move Property Changes

4. Urgent Fixes (with references)

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