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Originally posted by Johnnay
With the frame data thing. Her RD is +19 on block.

So I donít know where past posters got +9 from

Originally posted by Tachi
I lost a fight so I went to practice and found this
Zafina d/f+1 14 start up frame?

Even before the frame data thing came out, I found that punishing -13 moves with df+1,4 was really inconsistent. I could almost never punish hopkicks with it but I could punish Nina/Anna's d+3,2. I had no idea it was i13-i14 like it says in the game. It also says df+3 is i14-i15 but I don't I've ever had problems punishing something that was -14 with df+3,4.

As for the info in game, right now I think it's a little off. I was doing punishment training against Zafina (I was using Zafina) and they suggested I punish db+1+2 (-16) with ws+4 and uf+4 (-13) with 1,3. So certain things I think will need to be looked at.

I think it's horrible that a char with already shit punishment can't even have her two best punishes hit consistently at their intended frames.