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Originally posted by Johnnay b+1,1+2
Increased input window of the 1+2 by 2 frames ( buff Iím sure)
Increased the distance at which you can shift to a throw after hitting a airborne opponent
Not sure if this allows for new combos now, but definitely it will be easier to connect JF in some juggles.
WS+1,2 does 18 dmg and shortens recovery time by 2 frames
Nice, uf+1 afterwards now connects after launching in every situation, not only against male characters.

+7 on hit ( +2)
-7 on block ( -9)

Opp behavior different on hit now but recovery time increased by 3 frames. Maybe itís one of those spinning moves on a standing opponent like df+1,4 but i donít know
That's HUGE! Literally, something she needed to have improved. Now, it gives better pressure, e.g. well timed ff+2 will interrupt any retaliation attempt. Sweet.
They changed animation a bit to justify improved frames, but nothing spectacular.

All in all, very good changes, no nerfs whatsoever.