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I think a buff in b+1's tracking would've been better.

I think b+2's season 1 tracking should be restored.

2,b+2 should be just 2,2

d+3+4 should be just d+4 and the current d+4,3 can be changed to d+3+4,3. Law has no current d+4,3 from standing move from crouching that is used as a high crushing panic button move!

I think f,f+2,1,3's third hit should have more forward movement/range so it hits easier in combos. It happens so often that I hit the f,f+2,1 and the 3 is too short to reach. This buff wouldn't affect his overall combo paths. By using the f,f+2,1,3 string, you've committed to the combo ender. So the buff wouldn't affect any combos in terms of new combo paths.

I think too much focus has been put on his f,f+2,3 and not enough on f,f+2,1,3 to make sure that it is a consistent, easier than 4,3,DSS combo ender. Because of the new S! system, I think that the dash required for f,f+2,1,3 to hit fully can be harder to do than the dash, 4,3,DSS f+4 combo ender.

I think if b+3 was made faster so it could hit after b+2,3,4's launch, it would be a great buff.

Please give Law his best tenstring back, df+1,3,2,2,3,3,3,4,3,4. I miss it.

f,f+4,3 combos now do less damage than 3+4,4 combos. I really wasn't expecting f,f+4,3 to be changed in season 3. Why was this done?

df+3+4 leaves the opponent way too far on hit. Making the opponent closer on hit would be so nice please thanks

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