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Originally posted by Rezz
In the 7th bullet point for Standing Combos, I think you meant to type CH db+4,2. In any case you can add in a df+1 after the uf+1 for 2 more dmg.

Corrected the d/b+4,2

Originally posted by Rezz
For F+3~B, CH FF+2, and CH WS+3 this is the ender I have:

dash ff+2, df+1, f+2,3~B, b+1:1+2.

Landing the ff+2 after S! can be tricky. You have to almost do a deep dash in because the hit box is weird.

For CH f+3 and CH WS+3 staying in SCR, all I got is just SCR 1+2.

Will go through your 2 posts in their entirity and update soon.

Thanks again Rezz
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