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Originally posted by dodecadozen
@enko: Like I said before, read my posts fully.

What you're saying is mere speculation too.

First, this is not TWT where the prize money at stake is huge. This is some event in malaysia. Not even his TWT entry is at stake here. Next, Knee has been competing for a loooong time at the top level. You don't think he'd be accustomed to taking wins and losses in his stride? Losing at this level is not new to him. You think he'd be prone to nervousness like a kid? The guy plays against high profile players for breakfast, lunch and dinner even when he isn't competing. Now, I'm not saying he's completely above feeling nervous or pressured, but more likely than not, that's not the case.

You're saying it's common to drop combos or not punish well for someone of knee's experience. No, man, it's rare. He's competing, not playing casually. And you're saying Knee picked Marduk and Kazuya just because Arslan told him Pakistan doesn't know how to play Marduk well. It looked to me like even knee didn't know Marduk well. To me, all of this is absurd.

Honestly, I love seeing the koreans dethroned by some dudes that came out of nowhere. But I also suspect things aren't as straightforward.

Saying Knee does not tried to win is an absurd excuse.

These are other absurd excuses i heard from knee fans.

1. he is friendly
2. his trophy got destroyed
3. he is poisoned

Knee is human, nobody is exempted from nerves. have you not seen how knee reacted at evo against arslan and anakin? he is shaking his head, taking a deep breath moving his body a lot. he is feeling the nerves. as i told, knee dropped a critical combo against rangchu at twt finals. i have seen knee before failing to punish properly and dropping a combo. no human is exempted from these..

Awais is a tremendous player. I give him credit for making knee play like that. Awais does not even have his own gaming stick and just borrowed. and this is awais first twt tournament and he has beaten nobi, ulsan and knee at top 8. i will give awais a tremendous credit and not absurd excuses.

Knee also picked Kazuya against Arslan. The last time knee tried a steve user against a pakistani, he got 0-6. This awais has beaten Arslan plenty of times. knee used marduk against chanel in this tournament and has beaten chanel. knee also tried marduk in the richest tekken tournament in history against qudans(trying to counter pick). why knee does not allow chanel(he has so many wins against chanel) to win here? again stop with these absurd excuses. awais is a tremendous player.

knee mentioned he joined this twt to be able to compete against these pakistani players. knee even mentioned he wants to go to pakistan to train and improve. he has given arslan credit as arslan improved his game. if knee is competitive at casual and ranking matches, what more with tournaments where the world is watching him against a pakistani player. it is a disrespect to knee, to the game and to pakistani players with that absurd idea.

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