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Originally posted by dodecadozen
I'm not making excuses for Knee. I don't gain anything by it. Read all my posts fully. I'm speculating based on what I saw.

Of course credit to the Pakistanis. They obviously did damn well. I'm just saying that the finals with Knee didn't convince me because Knee not only dropped match winning combos, but was also slow on whiff punish and attack opportunities. Whether it was genuine nerves or something else is up to you to tell.

I look forward to watching more Pakistanis on the big stage though.

Knee dropped combos before and played worse than this before(maybe cause of pressure). Knee dropped a crucial combo at twt finals against rangchu(and he dropped combos at other tournaments as well). in this tournament chanel and ulsan also dropped crucial combos against knee in this tournament. so dropping combo can happen to anybody(specially if you are feeling the pressure). failing to do whiff punish is also common if you are pressured or suffering from nerves.

knee must be feeling the nerves of winning against a high profile pakistani player not only because of awais tremendous pressure but also cause his match against awais(a pakistani) is a high profile match and the tekken world is watching.