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I do use Knee's age as an excuse, as well as to another fact we all should know well that consist in that when you're doing the same thing for many years, which is playing tekken in this case, in the end you reach a peak and from there it is all free falling?, reasons to this?, of course again age but also the inevitable ocupational hazard.

So what?, ain't that true?, of course these Pakistan guys outperformed him, but first they are all way younger which is a plus when it comes to brain and reflexes, and second, I don't think they play all the roster like Knee does, let alone have the balls to probe it at events where $$$$ is the thing.

Are these guys good?, of course, but they still have a looong long way to achieve what Knee has achieved due to the fact they are still young, and aagin like Ronaldo's example I used before, the numbers they still don't have in order to prove it.

We still need like a decade or so to come to conclusions. Until then, Knee is the best and most complete tekken player the scene has ever seen.

And don't tell me I'm using this post as an excuse to look down on Arslan, Awai or whoever, if you wanna have healthy conversation with me after this. I mean.., Dodecadozen wasn't excusing him too, but oh boy facts are facts. The first one is very clear age/generational gaps, and second but not less important, "ocupational hazard" caused by time doing the same thing.

Hail to the new generation of youngster to dominate the scene?, hail, but again until at the very least one decade has passed and we begin to gather and analize numbers, Knee will still remain as number one.

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