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Originally posted by dodecadozen
These Pakistanis are damn good. They made their way to the top. But yeah, Knee didn't want to win. At this point, he's being the wise old master, letting the young 'uns come up and get a taste of winning at the big stages. Or he's being full of himself and plain overconfident in picking marduk and kazuya and shit. Looked to me like he was sandbagging hard though.

Can't wait for Season 3 to come and mess up everyone's comfort zones.

After the cause knee's trophy got destroyed we came up to this. No to excuses dude. Awais played better against Knee. Credit to him. It is absurd to think knee did not want to win. Why knee did not allow the euro players or anakin to win that will propel them? as i told, no with excuses. I will give Awais a credit. His Akuma is insane and has beaten Arslan before.

After the tournament Knee has a long set with another Awais(not the one that won the tournament) and has beaten Knee(inluding his Steve) using Katarina. The score is 18/9. Knee commented that Katarina is so hard to play against.

Wait for Heera Malik(many Pakistani consider him as their best). This Heera Malik has beaten Arslan and Awais Honey.

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