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Originally posted by SSfox
Not to diss Awais in anyway but i suspect Knee was more of experimenting than trying hard to win the tournament, it's not a master event and he's guarantee at this point to qualify to twt finals, as he stick with Marduk the whole 1st set (cool marduk btw), and didn't even pick or tried with Steve, Geese, Paul, Devil Jin or some others of his best characters. He picked Bryan VS rickstah and didn't tried with Bryan here either.

Anyways GGs though and also won't change that this Awais is indeed legit.

I will give Awais credit. Arslan told before they don't have super strong Marduk, so maybe Knee tried to take advantage of it. In the first set of the match, knee could have won that but drop a combo. So Knee might have felt that has a good chance with Marduk. But when knee lost again he might have felt that switching character is too late now as Awais might adopt to it. SO knee saved changing character on the reset.

Knee might be reluctant to use Steve against a Pakistani player cause he knows Pakistani has Heera Malik( a super good Steve player). Many Pakistani even consider Heera Malik as their best player. The last time Knee used Steve against a Pakistani thing did not go out well. Knee's Devil JIn is also not performing well. Knee nowadays uses Paul as counter pick against Jack. Previously when things are not working out well(like in this tournament), KNee tried Paul against Book(TGU that book has won) and it did not work out.

After the tournament Knee has a long set with Awais(not the one that won the tournament). This Awais uses Katarina and beat Knee(including his steve) 18/9.