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woa knee 35. Then yes he might at any time announce he no longer plays this seriously when t8 is released or something like that, for then play more casual. And this presuming t8 might still be as conservative as always, assumption still in the air.

I don't lose hope T8 will reject all this 2d stuff we have had to eat for breakfast, such as armor and that. T7 has still been some sorta experimental crossver, very probably in anticipation for txsf.

But yes sure by T8 people like Knee, Qudans and old the "old" ones will move on to another thing, or again just playmore casually. Knee's last desire (perhaps strategy) to play with every character in t8 might be legacy stuff already before he moves on.

I'm not sure if there'll be another folk to win as many times as Knee has won in tournaments, let alone he has ended up controlling the entire roster, let alone using them in events for $$$ (that speaks volumes of Knees true skill in a game so complex like tekken). This will take time and perhaps another generation to beat.

For now, and until some many years have passed, Knee has proven to be the best and will continue to be so in retirement. His case is like Cristiano Ronaldo's career en el Real Madrid. Numbers speak, and that would be all that matters when you have to point at that one who truly is the best.
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