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Yeah, true that.

I just looked it up... Knee is 35 or something. Qudans is 33 or something. JDCR is 31 or so. Nobi is 28. I'm guessing a lot of the other top Koreans and Japs are atleast late 20s.

JDCR is probably going through a mid-life crisis or someshit. If I understood correctly, he's been reconsidering his future, which could mean he might play less and less of tekken going forward.

Knee competing at 35 and consistently showing up in top 3 is damn good though. And I sometimes think he's showing commitment to the game and career by playing so many different characters at a high level. He could as well be competitive into his 40s. Or it could be signs of boredom with the game and the lifestyle.

What do you think, guys? Will most of most of them have moved on from professional tekken by the time we see Tekken 8? I personally don't see a reason for them to move away. Because the skills needed for high level tekken are built over so many years, I think game knowledge and meta strategies acquired over the years would somewhat balance out the gradual loss of reflexes and physical and mental speed... that's if it happens. There are legit ways to retain you capabilities and skills at any activity even into late middle age... maybe even old age.

But if people do tend to move away, I hope they move from playing tekken professionally to something like making tekken professionally. Inputs of these legacy players could be valuable in designing the gameplay systems of T8.

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