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Of course Knee being older is another fact to his undoing at long last. He must be around 28 or so, maybe 30, and that has an impact on you always. I too was a killer in every game I liked to play back then in the arcades when I was a boy. The moment in entered my thirties (way before that actually around 26 or so) I began to realize I was no longer as fast on reflexes and at making fast decisions in videogames as I were from 6-27 or so years old.

Life is life. Body and brain begins to wear out little before your thirties. Knee should end his career in all of his superior skills with Bryan, and perhaps retire with a big win at next Evo against this new generation of kids.

And then there's JDCR..., oh well. Long time no see him winning anything, and he must be around 25-26 or so.., I mean on the verge of his inevitable decline/twilight too, just like Knee.

Anyway, the twilight of a God continues to be nothing like ours, mere mortals. Even when folks like Knee have reached the bottom, they will still be galaxies beyond the ability of the rest of us. There's a difference in this.
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