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Originally posted by Johnnay
I agree with d+4,3. That has to be removed and for her to get a generic d+4

If anything d+1,1 needs to be NC. She is in dire need of good standing punishment

Zaf had good standing punishment. Both of her i10's were decent, df+1,2 was a good i13f, and outside of launchers she had one of, if not the best i14 in the game; did a ton of damage and left you at like +8 or something. Problem with this was she had no scary lows to mix up afterwards so the person really had no reason to duck, except maybe the slower than life db+1+2 which anybody could wake up from a coma and still duck that on reaction.

That reminds me, something else I'd like to see added; a decent low, something like Drag's d+2 or even Jin's db+4, or if they buff b+1+2 on NH. I wouldn't be too angry if she got Hei's db+2 though.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if 1+2,4 was a good i15 but personally I didn't.