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Originally posted by Conrad
The one thing that worries me from the trailer is that the hitsparks on ff4 looked really high when they used it at the wall.

That power crush she does out of MNT looks similar to SCR 1+2.

SCR 1+2 could definitely be stepped. I believe you had to SSR it instead of SSL for literally every other SCR move, but yeah SCR df4 tracked really well.

d1 does need to safer, but it was already HCable in TTT2.

Also df3,d4 needs to removed from the game. New stance transition or no, it's a shit move/string. Same goes for d4,3.

Maybe... MNT+1+2 replaces SCR+1+2 but if it does.. it gives one change.. that the move can not be launched on CH, (since PC Moves give the same KND/CH animation)

I agree with d+4,3. That has to be removed and for her to get a generic d+4

If anything d+1,1 needs to be NC. She is in dire need of good standing punishment
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