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Some changes I'm hoping for:

-A long range punish that ISN'T that fucking b+1+2 bullshit.

-Either a better i15f or a buff to 1+2,4

-SCR df+3 to be much faster. The shit is already launchable on block. It doesn't need to be slower than dirt.

-Either some kind of WS i13f or make WS 1,2 i14

-D+1 to NOT be fucking launchable on block ffs... also please make D+1,1 hit confirmable on CH.

-WS+3 to be faster. Doesn't need to be too fast but faster than ttt2.

-honestly can't remember if this was a thing in ttt2 but df+3,d+4 cancel into MNT.

-buff b+1+2 to KND on CH.