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Rip talks about his gripes and possible changes to Law. He quite stupidly says he wants to change b+4 to a 15f startup. He'll probably forget he said that, then when they change b+4 to 15f, he'll complain about how big a nerf it is and forget that it was him who suggested it. He gave no reasoning behind the b+4 nerf. No, keep b+4 14f because it's a good poke into back turned.

He also talks about how awful DSS 4 is. Law has DSS grabs to break opponents' standing guard. DSS 4 is -14 on block, not too too bad. If the opponent was closer after DSS 4 hit, it would be a lot better.

I agree that DSS 2 being a high is pretty bad. I was just playing Ranked last night VS another Law. The Law did WS+4, DSS. I thought, "I should crouch here! What mids do I need to worry about out of DSS? DSS f+3 and DSS f+3+4 are both slow af, so I'll be able to see them and stand back up to block. He won't do 3+4,4 because he'll get launched if I was stand guarding, everyone knows about that." Sure enough, the Law, on at least 2 occasions, did a move cancelled into DSS 2, and at least twice, I WS+2 launch punished him! He one and done'ed me. He'd had enough.

I agree that there are a lack of safe, decent speed mids out of DSS. I mained Steve in T5, and from an experienced Steve, I can say that DSS f+2,2 is probably the best mid option out of DSS. Safe, fast startup, and it's basically Steve's Flicker 1,f+1, which is also high,mid and safe on block. I don't mind that it's high on its first hit because at least it's fast. You could even argue that Law's DSS f+2,b+2,1,2 is his best option out of DSS period. Despite being mostly high, the first 2 hits jail, have great tracking, can be delayed, and because it has so many fast hits, if the opponent ducked and did a WS+2 VS Law's DSS, the potential for the string to interrupt the WS+2 is decent, although obviously not as good as DSS f+2,2. It's like because it has so many hits, it's like a move with a ton of active frames. That's what I notice about Tekken: a move that looks crappy on paper can actually be very good because it has a ton of active frames.

Look at Lee's Hitman stance, which has 1+2, a safe on block mid,mid poke, and recently buffed 1,4, which has a counterhit launch of of its second mid hit, also pretty fast. It would be great if they gave Law Lee's Hitman 1,4 out of DSS with its same properties.

All that said, I think if they kept Law exactly the same but just gave him Josie Rizal's f,f,f+3, Law would feel so buffed. Law's current f,f,f+3 is just so damn slow. I still use it though. It's a long range mid which Law needs so badly to mixup Slide with.

Because of f,f,f+3's poor tracking and speed, I mix it up with a run into 1,2,2, which also has great range, but tracks well and is faster and has a pseudo frame advantage after its third hit because it has a 2 or 1+2 possible 4th hit.

But just to re-iterate, please change 2,b+2 back to just 2,2 and make his current 2,2 2,f+2 again. Please change his current d+3+4 to d+4 and make his current d+4,3 d+3+4,3 or some other input. And I think the pushback on f,f+2,1,3's last hit is actually a nerf because it gives Law less time than before to dash up to the wall and 4,3,DSS f+3. Law always has to now do just b+2,3,d+4, which is less damage!