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MBC is not very good. I love watching his stream. But he is not very good(a bit like IamYourfather). Not even top 5 in the world I say. Majin is inconsistent but much better. Also haioko guy has a sick king. JDCR AK is also much better. I will even say, knee might have a better king than mbc.
I think Japan has almost 100 out of top 200 world players but they are just not tournament keen. Korea takes top 10, but Japan trumps in sheer numbers.

Speedkicks. Arslan, and Rangchu have all shot themselves in the foot focusing too hard on character matchups opposed to countering player tendencies.....AK is still a new character, I think itís best for jdcr to do some trial and error before the finals.

This is so golden. Knee even explained(i think after dangermany) his character selection was not based on character but opponent's playstyle and their mental strengths and weaknesses.