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Originally posted by DinoTheDonDaDa
It sounds great on paper, but he could pick Drag or Hei and still get 6-0d while someone like Anakin uses the same old Jack against everyone..... a character having a strength in one aspect may have a weakness in another......

Speedkicks. Arslan, and Rangchu have all shot themselves in the foot focusing too hard on character matchups opposed to countering player tendencies.....AK is still a new character, I think its best for jdcr to do some trial and error before the finals

He could lose. But for me he has better chance if he picked them on specific characters.

I have never seen jdcr using Hei lose against a king user at tournaments.

JDCR vs MBC(arguably the best King in the world)

JDCR won using Dragunov comfortably against Rangchu's Panda.


But i do think that JDCR's AK will still get better.