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Originally posted by DinoTheDonDaDa
No way.... JDCR is beasting, and uses AK masterfully...... itís more about beating Knee, who was clearly on a mission....

I could see JDCR winning this Canada tournament easily

And Geese(the one that Knee used against JDCR) is a character that can fuck up your Tekken skills. JDCR, Qudans and Knee have lost to Geese users.

There are match ups that can make things easier for JDCR if he pick Hei or Dragunov. Against King, the obvious choice is Hei as Hei is a hard match for KIng and JDCR's Hei is goood against King. Against Ranchu's Panda, he could have used Dragunov. Dragunov is hard match for Panda. But knowing JDCR, he might stick with AK to gain experience. But JDCR did give a hint that he might use Heihachi.

JDCR winning the Canada tournament is not given as Anakin and Joey Fury will play. I have seen some of JDCR's stream and there are matches where his AK is having a hard time with a good Jack user.