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I didn't read every single post in this thread, but for most part, I agree with Great_Dark_Hero...

I'm not playing latest Tekken games, since for a while now I was thinking of taking my time with every game in series in order of release, so to finish every character's story for each game, maybe mess around, learn some combos even if they don't carry to later games - simply to work on my reflexes a bit, I guess.

That being said, I'm familiar with series to some degree since I did played some previous games randomly, I also have original Tekken game.

About Julia, I honestly think that she improved incredibly, at the very least design wish; while she was always good looking before, her classic outfit just made her too boring looking for me, to the point that even if her gameplay was fun, I would just ignore her.
Now she really makes me want to choose her as my main once I reach Tekken 3, and pay more attention to her even in older games; actually, the way she is now, she even motivates me to even pay more attention to Michelle, and/or any other character that I once thought was boring because of design.

Not sure if that makes any sense to you...

Also, I have nothing against her new streamer self, since I was never emotionally attached to her previous more mature persona.
But let me tell you something, Tekken series is one of gaming franchises that are expected to last for years in the future, probably decades, and characters do need to have more to them, as time is going forward, and that sometimes includes touch of the current eras.

For example, if you follow some long running series, you can notice change in technology, such as CRTs to LCDs, arrival of touchscreen stuff, very often media products become more self aware, etc...

From what I noticed, for many people Julia was simply not interesting, so she either had to change in some way, or be ignored, or just go.

Rather than being degrade, I see Julia now as being given new life, more beautiful than ever, more interesting than ever, while still being very smart, and retaining her admirable goal of reforestation.

As far as Tekken characters are concerned, she is someone who looks the most fun of them all at the moment, which is totally opposite to how I felt about her years before.