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Originally posted by dodecadozen
Look, you have brought this down to the personal level, rather than staying with discussing Julia.

I'm asking a question from an objective POV here. What purpose does it serve for a fighting game character to have layers to personality? Characters are designed to appeal to the player instantly. Making Julia a cringy Twitch IRL streamer, but also keeping her "spirits, give me strength" persona will just give an incongruous vibe. If you can live with this, your standards for aesthetics are lower than the people complaining here. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it doesn't sit well with some people here and you don't seem to respect that difference in perspective. The problem we're talking about here is not really Julia but your intolerance towards others' thoughts.

Let me clearly say I'm not asking you to agree with me. What's the connection between you assuming that fighting game characters could have layers to their personality and shit, and me supposedly assuming you agree with me? You like the changes and you're just rationalizing it by saying "layers to personality". That doesn't mean your fantasy rationalization is the one true path for everyone to "accept new Julia into their hearts".

And it doesn't serve my purpose if you agree OR disagree, because I'm basically NOT ADDRESSING YOU when I talk about Julia. And I don't care to change your opinion.

But I don't understand why you have problems with people complaining when the nature of the complaint is not objectively unreasonable, just that you don't agree with it.

You seem happy about the changes, good for you. But there are people who are not happy about SOME of the changes, not all. There are bound to be. And you're making generalizations about the character and mindset of people here and saying that people who complain are doing it just for the heck of it.

Either get some reading comprehension lessons or get off your high horse. In my eyes, your opinion is as invalid as what you think of my opinion.

It may be insignificant in your eyes. The excessive cleavage may not break the character. But it doesn't fit the character in terms of what we have seen so far, is what I was originally saying. I agree it's YMMV because you're not forced to play with the "affair-with-the-boss" costume.

And I wasn't saying burn NamcoBandai down because boobs. I was making a comment on the developers' attitudes and inclinations.

Nobody was even asking you for such a "suggestion." If people don't sync with the character that badly, it is natural that they will not play them. Why are you being so hostile about it though?

Like I said before, this really isn't an arguement over Julia but your condescending tone and high-handedness.

I'm not interested in a reply from you.

And nobody is really asking to debate with you. Yeah, let's not further derail this into "pure drama".

There always gonna be one or two princesses who think they're above everyone else.

Evidently, you got something against me.

And, this weird-ass is calling me hostile.


What the fuck are you smoking? Fantasy rationalization? Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

Let's get a few things straight here.

I'm indifferent towards the changes made to this character, including the costumes. I don't like or dislike them so don't you fucking make that assumption, you worthless pissant. My "tastes" are not even the main issue here, if that's what you really think (as if you are even capable of doing that in the first place).

And, who the fuck are you to talk about "reading comprehension" after all that nonsense? A sorry, uneducated scumbag like you wouldn't even know what that means. You are in no position to tell me ANYTHING. The one thing you are right about is that you and your silly ass opinions towards this subject or even towards me are not actually worth anything. Two can play that game: The truth is, you are less than nothing and that is all you'll ever be. Right up until the day you die. In MY eyes, this is what you and anything else you say will amount to.

All I did was make a comment about folks complaining way too much and I am sure as hell not wrong for making that statement. I initially left it at that until someone replied. And, this is where it lead to. A lot of people in here love to complain! And, based on how this turned out, this isn't really going to get that much better. And, even then, I still go as far as to at acknowledge that subjectivity still applies. YMMV as stated.

If you were not interested in any reply from me, then shut the fuck up.

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