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Originally posted by Great_Dark_Hero

In that case, assuming that everyone is going to agree to every little thing that you and the few others complain about is even worse. Another is that her return as she is now was well-received for the most part, barring a vocal minority that despises whatever change they made to the character.

Look, you have brought this down to the personal level, rather than staying with discussing Julia.

I'm asking a question from an objective POV here. What purpose does it serve for a fighting game character to have layers to personality? Characters are designed to appeal to the player instantly. Making Julia a cringy Twitch IRL streamer, but also keeping her "spirits, give me strength" persona will just give an incongruous vibe. If you can live with this, your standards for aesthetics are lower than the people complaining here. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it doesn't sit well with some people here and you don't seem to respect that difference in perspective. The problem we're talking about here is not really Julia but your intolerance towards others' thoughts.

Let me clearly say I'm not asking you to agree with me. What's the connection between you assuming that fighting game characters could have layers to their personality and shit, and me supposedly assuming you agree with me? You like the changes and you're just rationalizing it by saying "layers to personality". That doesn't mean your fantasy rationalization is the one true path for everyone to "accept new Julia into their hearts".

And it doesn't serve my purpose if you agree OR disagree, because I'm basically NOT ADDRESSING YOU when I talk about Julia. And I don't care to change your opinion.

But I don't understand why you have problems with people complaining when the nature of the complaint is not objectively unreasonable, just that you don't agree with it.

You seem happy about the changes, good for you. But there are people who are not happy about SOME of the changes, not all. There are bound to be. And you're making generalizations about the character and mindset of people here and saying that people who complain are doing it just for the heck of it.

Either get some reading comprehension lessons or get off your high horse. In my eyes, your opinion is as invalid as what you think of my opinion.

As for that outfit being ridiculous? That's your opinion. Not everyone is going to give a care about something as little that. YOU may find it ridiculous. Many others are not going to and will think it is going to take a lot more than that to really derail the character. It still won't be enough to really help or damage the character. Her having alternate costumes of this nature shouldn't shock anyone. This is a case of YMMV. I just find these complaints either pointless or arbitrary. And, as I said: People on website love to complain, even if it is ultimately insignificant (and this, I am not not necessarily wrong about).

It may be insignificant in your eyes. The excessive cleavage may not break the character. But it doesn't fit the character in terms of what we have seen so far, is what I was originally saying. I agree it's YMMV because you're not forced to play with the "affair-with-the-boss" costume.

And I wasn't saying burn NamcoBandai down because boobs. I was making a comment on the developers' attitudes and inclinations.

I made a suggestion to that other member based on what we discussed. It's his choice on what he wants to do. If you don't like a character for some reason or another, don't play them. Save yourself the headache. Play someone else. Unless you are trying to adjust to specific match up or learn how to defend a certain move or play style (or condition yourself to punish something on whiff or block).

Nobody was even asking you for such a "suggestion." If people don't sync with the character that badly, it is natural that they will not play them. Why are you being so hostile about it though?

And, now will probably be a good time to change this subject before it starts to derail into an argument over the character.

Like I said before, this really isn't an arguement over Julia but your condescending tone and high-handedness.

I'm not interested in a reply from you.

Originally posted by Great_Dark_Hero
You find these changes significant enough to make a big deal out it. I find these complaints insignificant. If you want to keep debating over this, then PM me. I don't want this thread to derail into pure drama.

And nobody is really asking to debate with you. Yeah, let's not further derail this into "pure drama".

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