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Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
It's not about "whatever changes." The changes people complain about are specifically the personality and the alternate outfit issues. You don't see anyone complain about her new default outfit or her new hairstyle or any of the new moves displayed in the trailer.

I mean, come on. She acts like a little girl now all the while having an attire with a cleavage huge enough to reveal her bra, and that in an "officer" outfit as well. It's like a horny teenage boy's wet hentai dream come true.

Well, you're not right, either. Significance is subjective. You can't be right or wrong about that because it's up to every person to determine what they think is significant or insignificant.

Like I said once before to someone else, YMMV. Don't play the character if it bothers you that much. Invest your training time on some other character that does appeal to you. Either that, or you can continue playing the character and deal with it. Do what you need to do.

You find these changes significant enough to make a big deal out it. I find these complaints insignificant. If you want to keep debating over this, then PM me. I don't want this thread to derail into pure drama.
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