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Originally posted by DinoTheDonDaDa
after a few matches with AK, I can say, you can still get nice damage doing staple moves.... Its just the max damage that requires some high execution.. most of the cast have quick mid hitting rage drives that are plus on block, pretty much a free card to toss out at the end of a round... AK's is a duckable high you likely have to use on a tech trap with a window to input a grab otherwise its wasted... that's insane to me, and like Steve, he could use a second RD as an alternative to that gimmicky one.....AK also lacks in plus frame moves..... I'm not sure why they didn't make his f4 +5 like Kazuya's, that would really open up his game

his RD is duckable but unblockable and fast.
with rage, AKs mids become way better now just for the fact he has such a RD as a tool
steves first RD was very slow and only kinda useable at the wall for +7 (in the open just +1)
using AKs RD in a tech trap will make it a true unblockable setup, even more stronger as a tool

AKs plus moves: f4 and uf1+2 +2 and forced crouch, db1+2 +3, b1+2 +1(great ch fishing tool), CD1 +6 till +10(range), fff3 +10GB, fff3+4 +17, FCdf2 a NH launcher mid +1, ff3 is 0 but worth mentioning and his CD1+2 can also be seen as a pressure tool for +7 if no duck.
i dont see AK lacks plus moves in his gameplay

oh and AKs f4 is hitting grounded, so its already outstanding ... especially with his throwgame in mind, kaz doesnt even have

AK in t7 is very strong but has some execution barriers like mishimas
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